Multitasking Like A Pro

Little tips for maximum result

These life hacks will help you claim the crown of multi tasking queen

It doesn't matter whether your a new mum with a bub on your hip, trying to juggle it all or have a full work and social agenda to navigate through, we can all benefit from a few shortcuts in life. 

Yeah, I work out

Workouts can be gruelling, so double down and tick some self care off the list while you're at it. Sure Miranda Kerr's ‘face mask yoga class’ might not translate to every workout but what's not to say she isn't on to a winning combo. So pull out your fave face mask and roll out your yoga mat for some downward dog and a mini facial at the same time. 

Turn up your activity level while ticking off your to-do list. If you can, try walking to the supermarket. Added brownie points for walking home with your grocery bag arm weights. Or why not get an extra leg up on your booty workout by squatting every time you brush your teeth, you’ll notice an improvement in your booty without even having to schedule in time to do so. 

Multitasking beauty 

Say goodbye to layers of skincare, suncare and makeup and instead opt for something more simple. Our BB Cream can't promise you the world, but this multitasking cream can promise to correct your skin, improve tone, smooth out blemishes, boost glow and give you added protection from the sun. Now all thats left to do is sit back and enjoy your almond chai latte. 

Bali Body BB Cream

Learn on the commute

Whether your journey to work is ten minutes or 45, there is always time to learn a thing or 2. Instead of listening to the new Taylor Swift album why not try a podcast. They are a great way to expand your knowledge on a topic that interests you, no reading required. Here are some podcasts currently trending on the BB HQ playlist. 

  • Oprah’s SuperSoul conversations: Discover and connect with some of the world most influential people. It’s like a brunch date with Opera and you’re invited. 
  • Things You Think You Don’t Care About: A weekly discussion about all the little things in life promises a lot of laughs. It takes a lighthearted look at topics that you won’t find on the front cover of the newspaper. 
  • I’m Afraid ThatFind out what some of your fave celebrities deepest fears are, where they stemmed from and how they overcame it. 
While it’s important to always cut yourself some slack (no one has time to do it all!), incorporating some of these simple tips into your routine will add positive improvements to both your day and life.Bali Body

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