The Best Aftersun Care To Soothe Your Skin This Summer


The Best Aftersun Care To Soothe Your Skin This Summer

It will help make your tan last longer too

The ultimate tricks to keep your skin smooth and hydrated all summer long. 

With summer just around the corner, you’ve no doubt started adding to your bikini collection and spending your pay check buying cute dresses for Memorial Day weekend on Revolve. Summer marks 3 glorious months of beach days, poolside afternoons and picnics with your best babes. It also marks the time to stock up on your favourite summer beauty essentials and reassess your summer skin strategy.

You all know how important wearing SPF on a sunny day is by now, but did you know that rehydrating your skin post-sun is equally important? Even if you are sporting nothing but a healthy bronzed glow. Aftersun care shouldn't just be a priority if you’re a little burnt babes, it’s a must-do after every sun session. Especially during a hot, humid Los Angeles summer. As much as the sun is often the number one culprit, the heat, salty sea water, chlorine, winds and even sand will all dry out your skin as well. 

The best way to soothe your skin in summer is by investing in a good quality, hydrating moisturiser to help restore the outer layer (or lipid barrier) of your skin. The secret is to use a product enriched with the magic four letter word: aloe. Short for aloe vera, it is the miracle ingredient you should look for when searching for the most enriching aftersun lotions on the market. Aloe vera also known as ‘the plant of immortality’ provides a long list of benefits including intense hydration, cooling, soothing and inflammation reducing just to name a few. It is also the star ingredient in the Bali Body Luxe Moisturising Lotion and Hydrating Face & Body Mist, two hero products that will give your skin the 10/10 hydration it needs during and after a day soaking up the sun's rays.

Cool as a cucumber

The only thing better than having aloe vera in your aftersun routine is having aloe vera and cucumber. You can find a blend of both ingredients in our multi-purpose Hydrating Face & Body Mist. While most aftersun products are exactly that, we want you to use this one while you’re mid sun-kissed glow for a refreshing burst of hydration on the skin. The 100ml compact bottle is the perfect size to store in your beach bag or cooler (for a cold spritz) and will help soothe and calm skin with each misty spray. Prevention is better than cure, babes.

Hold your glow

Coming back home with a natural sun-kissed tan after a day at the beach is one of life’s little pleasures. There’s no feeling quite like having a bronzed glowing tan. Ensure you hold your new-found natural colour and protect your skin from drying out with the Bali Body Luxe Moisturising Lotion. Enriched with nature's powerful active ingredients including Vitamin E, it is the knight in shining armour of hydration. The best way to ensure your skin soaks up every drop of moisture is to ensure all sunscreen, chlorine, sand and salt is washed off your body and face before applying generous quantities of the natural vegan moisturising lotion. Not only will it soothe the skin with its hydrating properties, it will help your skin to hold the hydration, which in turn makes your natural tan last longer. It’s not rated 5-stars by BB babes for no reason.

Don’t forget your pout

Your lips need some aftersun lovin’ too. The Bali Body Coconut Lip Balm is enriched with a round up of nourishing oils to smooth and repair your dry and cracked pout after a little too much fun in the sun. Packed with the likes of coconut oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil, it is the tropics in a tube product your lips need for long lasting hydration. Now your soothing summer essentials are all sorted, it’s time to count down the days until your next sunset spritz.

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