The Best Shows To Binge Watch This Spring


The Best Shows To Binge Watch This Spring

We've done all the research for you

Grab your puppy, bestie or bae and get ready for snuggles on the couch while watching these BB babe approved flicks.  

As much as we love a night out on the town dressed up to the nines, nothing beats a night at home the couch, marinating in your fave self tan, wearing trackies and watching Netflix. With your Bali Body self tan on and a hot chocolate in hand, you start scrolling through the never-ending (literally) shows and movies to watch. This itself can pose a problem. While it's tempting to just re-watch an old favourite (hands up if you’ve watched Dirty Dancing over 10 times) we have done some personal research for the sake of this blog and can confirm that it’s worth branching out. Netflix and Stan originals have upped their game and we have compiled the best of comedy, rom-coms and drama so you can spend more time watching, laughing, crying and less time scrolling mindlessly trying to choose a goodie.


American comedian and actress, Amy Schumer delivers laughs for days in her new stand-up Netflix special, Growing. Schumer was five months along in her first pregnancy when she filmed the special about the not-so-fun parts of pregnancy that no one really talks about. In typical Schumer fashion, she really gets down into the nitty-gritty on what women go through throughout their pregnancies, all in a hilarious way. Whether you’re a Mum, currently expecting or neither of the two, this special is a must for some serious laughs. 

Genre: Comedy
Good for: Babes who need lots of laughs


If you’re sick of being the only one at work or school that can’t join in on the Riverdale chats because you don’t watch it, you need to start. This American teen drama series is based on the characters of Archie Comics and a huge favourite here at BB HQ. Archie, played by mega babe KJ Apa and his friends navigate the troubled waters of romance, school and family in the dark drama mystery. From secret relationships with teachers to gangs and even murder, this teen drama is not to be missed.

Genre: Teen drama, Mystery 
Good for: Babes who want a good perve on KJ Apa


If you love a mix of romance and true crime, Dirty John is for you. This Netflix season has it all - romance, secrets, denial, manipulation, betrayal and survival. Australian actor, Eric Bana stars as John Meehan alongside love-interest Connie Britton (yes, Nashville Mum) as Debra Newell. Without giving too much away, Debra is a very wealthy and successful interior designer and John is a con man with a history of deceiving women. It’s crazy and amazing all rolled into one great drama-filled series that you’ll most likely binge watch in one go. The good news is that season 2 is currently in the making.

Genre: True-crime 
Good for: Babes who love a romance and true crime mash-up


If you’re a lover of rich family drama aka The Kardashians, then you’re going to love Dynasty. It’s a modernized reboot of the 1980’s primetime show, except with much more money, make-up and drama. Based in Atlanta, the show follows two of America’s wealthiest families the Carringtons and Colbys as they fight for more money and more power, all while looking more glamorous than Kimmy K. You might even recognise main character, Fallon Carrington, played by Elizabeth Gillies as one of Ariana Grande’s besties who starred in her recent film clip, Thank U Next. The actress and the singer go way back to their pre-fame Nickelodeon days.

Genre: Soap Opera 
Good for: Babes who love the Kardashians


If you have ever watched Gossip Girl (who hasn't) then you would recognise a creepy version of Lonely Boy/Dan Humpries on the cover of this Netflix thriller series. Penn Badgley, plays bookstore manager Joe Goldberg who crosses paths with an aspiring female writer, Guinevere Beck played by Elizabeth Lail. The charming yet awkward crush becomes something more sinister when Goldberg stalks his love interest and uses every tool at his disposal (literally) to remove any obstacles getting in the way of their happily ever after.

Genre: Crime fiction, Psychological thriller
Good for: Babes who want to binge watch a season in a day


Long-time favourite Hilary Duff plays a beautiful and successful 20-something book editor in this fun, comedy-drama series on Stan. Based in NYC, the series was created based on the 2005 novel (of the same name) by Pamela Redmond Satran. Recently divorced 40-year-mother, Liza Miller pretends to be a 20-something so that she can get a job and keeping her big secret is no easy task in the publishing world. Add a secret relationship with the boss in the mix and it’s a fun, young, light-hearted series to tune into after work each night.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Good for: Babes who love NYC

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