Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight


Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight

Make time fly, literally

Unless you’re seated at the pointy end, a long haul flight down the back of the plane can be pretty grim.

Middle row, tiny seat, dry skin, bored. Sound all too familiar? We’re here with these noteworthy tips to ensure your vacay begins the moment you set foot on the plane and you arrive at your destination in no time at all. 

Preparation is key

A day before your flight, make sure you move your body. A long walk and drinking enough water will make all the difference upon arriving at your dreamy destination. Also, ensure you don’t hold off sleeping in order to get some shut eye on the plane. Trust us babe, it won’t end well.

Bring back up

Pass hours on end with a few episodes of your fave TV show. Our number one tip is to load up your ipad with shows on Netflix, that way your Younger binge can continue, guilt free.  

Spa in the sky

Low humidity on airplanes means one thing for your skin, dehydration. Keep your skin supple, dewy and glowing in the sky with a mini day spa sesh. Gather together your skincare essentials and get ready for some serious self care. Pro tip: Don't even try and fly without a refreshing face mist. Our Hydrating Face and Body Mist is a skincare must-have in the sky. It not only provides a serious amount of hydration but also creates a protective barrier against airplane nasties. Hello fresh skin upon touch down. 

Stretch it out

Sitting down for long periods of time in seats built for ants is certainly no fun. When flying high, it's more important than ever to get up and stretch at least once an hour. This will loosen your muscles and get the blood pumping, leaving your body feeling rejuvenated. We know that as soon as you’ve put a romcom on, it's not the easiest thing to separate yourself from Ryan Gosling. However, this will not only make all the difference when you touch down, but it will make your flight more comfortable. Double win. 

Headphones in

Yes, we are all loving Taylor Swift's new album. So, be sure to download it on Spotify before you jet off. Another good way to clock a few hours is listening to a podcast. With so many trending podcasts available that cover topics from the best way to contour your face to the latest world issues, you’ll be sure to find one that ticks your boxes. 


Catch some serious z’s and consume hours on end with a long nap. Sleep is your BFF and sanity saviour in the air. Don’t forget a neck pillow and sleeping mask, you’ll need them! 

Need a hand packing for your next vacay? Here’s how to pack smarter for your next getaway. 


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