Ingredient Focus: Aloe Vera


Ingredient Focus: Aloe Vera

It's not called a miracle plant for no reason

This popular green succulent that the Ancient Egyptians called ‘the plant of immortality’ needs very little introduction.

Originating from Western Asia, Aloe vera grows in tropical climates around the world and is a key ingredient in beauty products due to its long list of health and skin benefits. You might even notice it as that funny looking plant your Mum used to rub into the skin whenever someone got a burn in the kitchen or if anyone’s skin needed some after-sun TLC.  

From backyard hero to the knight in shining armour of the beauty world, this miracle plant even features in our very own Hydrating Face & Body Mist and Luxe Moisturising Lotion.

So, what’s the big deal with Aloe vera? We break down why it's a godsend to your skin below.

Intense moisturisation: Aloe vera moisturises your skin by providing deep hydration without leaving it greasy. It’s also the perfect ingredient to lather your skin with if you’re prone to oily or acne based skin.

#BBProTip: If you’re applying mineral-based makeup, applying a product with aloe vera on your skin prior will prevent it from drying out. A few sprays of the Hydrating Face & Body Mist before and after makeup application will also help prime and set makeup with its added hero ingredient, Glycerin.

Prevents premature signs of aging: Aloe vera contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a range of antioxidants which prevent early signs of ageing by improving the skin’s natural firmness.

Treats acne and skin condition: Suffering from irritating skin conditions like acne and eczema? Make this miracle plant your best friend. It’s antimicrobial properties are the best natural remedy for curing skin conditions and reducing any unwanted scars or blemishes.

Aftersun care: Aloe vera forms a protective layer over the skin and helps replenish any lost moisture after long days in the sun. It cools, soothes and reduces inflammation. Say hello to your new summer hero. 

Reduces stretch marks: Our skin is like an elastic band which constantly expands and contracts over time. So, naturally stretch marks are a result of damaged elasticity. The healing properties of aloe vera are an excellent remedy to treat and reduce stretch marks in your problem areas.

With so many incredible benefits it’s no wonder Aloe vera is a star ingredient in our Luxe Moisturising Lotion and Face & Body Mist hydration heroes.

If your skin is in need of a serious pick me up, you know what to do babes. 

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