How To Get A Perfect Summer Glow


How To Get A Perfect Summer Glow

All your burning questions, answered

We sat down with our resident 'glow' pro (the entire team at BB HQ) and answered some of the most asked questions in our DM's. 

How can I get that ultimate sunkissed glow without the sun and why do I always end up with little dots on my legs when I self tan? We have the answers to all your questions, babes. Let's achieve a flawless glow & shimmering limbs while squashing that pesty strawberry leg issue forever. 

When it comes to getting a ‘glow’ for summer, what are your top tips? 
We create products that help babes glow from the outside in and nothing makes you feel like you have the perfect summer glow like self tan. Our Face Tan Water & 1 Hour Express are the perfect duo for achieving a flawless, golden glow from head to toe in a short amount of time. They’re easy to apply & will instantly boost your mood. We’re also big advocates for keeping your skin hydrated with lots of water for a glow from within. It’s the oldest trick in the book but really works. 

What advice would you give for applying ‘fake tan’ – what are the secrets to flawless skin?
The perfect fake tan always starts with a clean base. This means ensuring your skin is clean, exfoliated & shaved before you begin. From here, you need to apply a small amount of moisturiser to the really dry areas of your body - this includes your hands, elbows, knees & feet. As these areas tend to soak up more self tan, applying moisturiser will create a healthy barrier to ensure that your self tan is even all over. Lastly, we always recommend using a really high quality Tanning Mitt for application.

Bonus tip if you suffer from Strawberry Legs: 
An amazing self tan tip we always share with our customers is to have a cold shower before you self tan. If you suffer from strawberry legs (visible dots on your hair follicles) this will help close your pores & avoid them being visible once your tan has developed. It’s a game changer. 

How do I choose the right colour for my skin tone?  Can you recommend what’s best if you are very fair?
We offer a range of self tan products for every skin type & tone. When someone isn't sure then we always recommended our 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam because it’s customisable to each individual's skin tone. This means that if you’re very fair you have the option to leave it on for just 60 minutes for a super natural self tan. You can also leave it on for 3-4 hours for a super dark self tan, the choice is yours. 

Any other tips for shimmering, glossy limbs?
If you haven't already noticed, we’re big fans of hydrated skin. Hydrated skin looks good & it also makes your fake tan look amazing & last longer. We love to use our Shimmering Body Oil for the ultimate shimmering, glossy limbs. It is super hydrating & leaves you with the most dreamy glow, no sun required. It's perfect for nights out & will elevate every outfit.

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