Get That Oscars Glow


Get That Oscars Glow

Prep, prime & get ready to shine 

The Oscars scream old Hollywood glam, the glitz, the glamour... the glow.

Months in advance your favourite celebs are prepping and priming for the night of nights to make sure they're the brightest one walking the red carpet.

But you don't need a glam squad on speed dial to shine just as bright as Margot Robbie in Chanel. This is how you can out glow Oscar himself with some BB insider tips.

The real magic of the night begins weeks in advance. Celebs are swapping soda for green juices and hydration is their mantra. Starting from the inside out. Jennifer Lawrence isn't one to fall for a fad keto diet, but she does love to flush out toxins and distress in the weeks leading up to awards night. Jlaw swears by sipping on dandelion tea to de-bloat and drink away the stress. It'll also add an extra boost of hydration that will show in your skin.

Now it's time to sweat it out. Turn to a celeb fave like Soul Cycle to get your limbs racing and heart pumping. You'll feel stronger and more confident than ever after just a few sessions.

Hit accelerate on your skin's daily hydration by using a body oil. We recommend our Natural Tanning & Body Oil, filled with hydrating ingredients like Coconut Oil and Jojoba. Applying this to your entire body each night will improve texture, tone and give you the silkiest, smoothest limbs.

There's no room under the spotlight for any fake tan disasters. For an A-lister worthy tan without the orange hue opt for a green based self tan, like our Self Tanning Mousse. The colour adjusts to your skin tone, leaving you with the most flawless tan. For the best results, apply in long sweeping motions using our velvety soft Luxe Tanning Mitt and say hello to a flawless faux glow. 


It's time for the flashing lights, and they're all on you. Turn up the glow and apply our Shimmering Body Oil to arms, legs and decolletage for a luxe radiance you can't even get from an Insta filter.

Now you're bronzed, golden and glowing just like a true Hollywood starlet. Snap an Instagram picture next time you're all glammed up with BB and tag @balibody for a chance to be reposted #famous.

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