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2018 has been the year of bike shorts, Kim Kardashian trying to make fluro happen and shimmering body oils. Yes, glowing skin is officially in. That dewy, sun-kissed, "i'm a glowing goddess" kinda look is seriously trending right now. It seems as if every red carpet and runway this year has been dripping with gold, glowing skin. Here at Bali Body, we've been fans of a bronzed, glowing bod since forever and we couldn't be happier it's taking the internet by storm. 

From Fenty Beauty's body lava to Estee Lauders bronze goddess, there's an infinite selection of shimmering body oils to choose from right now. So what sets Bali Body's Shimmering Body Oil apart from the rest?

With over 100 5 star reviews from BB babes across the globe, our Shimmering Body Oil has quickly become a fan favourite. Inspired by the kind of skin you get after a week in the bahamas, our Shimmering Body Oil is truely one of a kind. Luxe hints of bronze and gold shimmer particles create a subtle glisten on the skin. It reduces redness and blurs imperfections just like a real life insta filter. Think glimmer, not glitter. The only way to describe how our Shimmering Body Oil leaves your skin looking is, flawless glowing perfection. 


What we love most about our bottle of liquid gold is how it doubles as a hydrating moisturiser. It's enriched with a blend of natural, nourishing ingredients to repair dry skin. Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E are famous for their H20 boosting properties, so naturally, our Shimmering Body Oil is packed full of them. We're all about our skin looking good and feeling even better. You won't find one trace of chemicals or artificial ingredients in this Shimmering Body Oil. 

So when you (inevitably) jump on the shimmering body oil band wagon, look no further than our Shimmering Body Oil. Shop it here for glowing skin goals.

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