Bronzer Lotion For Dark Skin


Bronzer Lotion For Dark Skin

Every babe needs an extra shade of glow

If you’re a dark skinned babe constantly searching for beauty products to suit your skin, look no further.

We believe in a lot of things at Bali Body, including natural skincare, year long summers and diversity, after all it's what makes every BB babe so different, unique and special.  

It is also the reason why we have created the ultimate range of products for people of every complexion. No matter what skin tone you are, with the colder months ahead for all our USA babes, sometimes a gal just needs an extra boost of glow. 

Life is better with glowing skin, you feel beautiful, equipped and ready to take on the world as the golden goddess you are within. That’s why it’s so important that every girl can add to her natural glow. 

Here we answer your frequently asked questions about the best BB products for dark skin.

Q: I have dark skin and need a bronzer lotion that will still give me a nice extra tint, will Bali Body work for me?

A: Yas babe, absolutely. All of our products were created and tested with every skin tone in mind. 

It sounds like you need the Bali Body Bronzing Lotion. This antioxidant-rich moisturiser will provide the perfect hint of tint while smoothing the skin with Vitamin E and natural oils. Enriched with organic caramel extract it will add a stunning bronze glow to the deepest of complexions.

No sun is required to use this bronzing hero, just apply the lotion to clean skin from top to toe for an even streak free glow. Need a darker tint? Layer it up baby.

The Bronzing Lotion will smooth out any skin imperfections, leaving a perfect wash of color that's super flattering and warming on every skin type. The best bit? It washes away in the shower ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

Shop the Bronzing Lotion here.

Q: Does the BB Cream come in a darker shade?

A: Yes! It comes in four different colour adapting shades that range from fair to dark to suit all our light and dark skinned beauties.

If you have a tanned complexion or darker, we recommend using the shade finder on our website here for your best match between the two darker shades. No matter where you fall on the complexion spectrum, you’re sure to find a shade that looks flattering on you.

The BB Cream is lightweight, easy to apply and provides the perfect everyday base. It combines your foundation, anti-aging moisturiser and SPF 15 all in one, because yes, brown girls need sun protection too.

Lighter than a foundation but with more coverage and benefits than a tinted moisturiser, it is a Bali Body fan favourite and suitable for our melanin rich beauties.

Enriched with green tea and ginseng for their rejuvenating properties as well as hyaluronic acid and marine collagen to help renew skin keeping it plump, hydrated and super soft all year round.

Shop the BB Cream here.

Q: Will the Shimmering Body Oil show on dark skin?

A: Of course! Our Shimmering Body Oil will show on all skin types. Enriched with Mica (Shimmer Dust) this lightweight oil will make even the darkest of skin tones shimmer like diamonds.

Make sure you shake the bottle really well before each use to activate the shimmer dust and you'll be a walking, talking shimmering beauty all night. Just make sure you give the hydrating oil a quick 5 minutes to absorb on your skin before getting dressed.

The Shimmering Body Oil can be applied on top on the Bronzing Lotion for some added shine. Shop here to shine, Bali Body style.

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