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Body Oil vs Body Lotion: Which babe are you?

Body Oil or Moisturising Lotion? Every babe has a preference. Here’s the glow-down. We’ve done the hard work for you and got all the facts to help you decide which one you should be stocking up on for hydrated, glowing skin:


Don’t be scared, oily skinned babes. Despite what you may have heard, we promise that our body oil will not clog your pores. The only thing that the Gold Body Oil will be locking into your skin is serious hydration and essential moisture. An oil is better suited to a babe in the tropics. Hot weather and high humidity call for an oil moisturiser. Oils are lightweight and easily absorbed. They blend into your skin so seamlessly and give that effortless BB glow.


Top reasons why body oil is our number 1 BFF:

  • Combats Eczema and other sensitive skin issues. Oils help strengthen and protect the external layer making them perfect for skin in need of some extra special care.
  • Great for problem prone skin. Oils like Vitamin E treat stretch marks, scars and pigmentation.
  • The multitasker. Oils can also be used in your hair! They prevent frizziness and add shine.
  • Au naturale baby. Oils are 100% natural compared to a lotion that has added fillers to get that creamy, lotion-like consistency.



With winter comes two things: Cosy nights in and dry skin. Luckily, with Luxe Body Lotion by your side you can say goodbye to the latter. Made with Shea butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, our Luxe Body lotion is a heaven send for dehydrated, dry and cracked skin. So luxurious, buttery, creamy and whipped - who doesn’t love lathering up in silky body lotion during those dry and cold winter months?

Top reasons why we are forever loving body lotion:

  • Skin damage saviour. Body lotions contain superstar ingredients that have the ability to repair skin damage.
  • The way you make me feel. Body Lotion leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. 
  • No greasiness. Lotions absorb quickly into the skin and leave no residue.


As long as you're using one or the other, we figure you’ve got your super-smooth pins and baby-soft skin in check. So whether you’re a lotion loving lady or oil based babe, BB has you covered. Shop our Luxe Lotion or Gold Body Oil for seriously soft and hydrated skin during winter, summer and every day in between.  

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