Anti-Ageing Essentials


Anti-Ageing Essentials

Walk away from fine lines

Time flies when you’re having fun, but you certainly don’t want your skin to show that.

As much as we wish the fountain of youth existed, sadly, it doesn't. Lucky for you babes, we have the next best thing to prolong youthful skin. A great skincare routine can benefit your skin's natural regeneration process, leaving your skin hydrated, firmer and brighter. 

The key isn't a long list of expensive products or an extensive routine that takes 60 minutes every morning. It is consistency. Good, reliable products and consistency. Whether you've skipped SPF one too many times or simply just developed a few lines as you’ve gotten older, here is an easy peasy routine that even self confessed lazy babes can do.

Step 1: Hydrating Face & Body Mist

While face mists are best known to prep skin pre-makeup and set foundation they also fill the step between cleaning and moisturising. They help to close pores and refresh the skin, priming your face for the next step in your daily skincare ritual.

Applying a few sprays of the Hydrating Face & Body Mist after you cleanse will cool and hydrate without any nasties. Enriched with anti-ageing properties, like Aloe vera and Peppermint Oil, the mist will also protect, soothe and brighten your skin.

Step 2: Luxe Moisturising Lotion

Layer up with the Luxe Moisturising Lotion from head to toe before applying any face makeup. This vegan body lotion will provide deep hydration with a handful of anti-aging benefits for your entire body. It is enriched with aloe vera, which contains vitamin C, vitamin E plus a range of antioxidants that prevent early signs of ageing by improving the skin’s natural firmness.

The healing properties of aloe vera within the moisture intense lotion are also an excellent remedy to treat and reduce stretch marks in your problem areas. Free from artificial fragrances and parabens, it's a full-body skincare essential.

Step 3: BB Cream SPF15

Put your foundation down, babes. It’s time to combine your foundation, sunscreen, anti-aging skincare and moisturiser all in one. Meet, the Bali Body BB Cream AKA your new dewy skin best friend. Not only does it provide a perfect, glowing base but unlike a thick foundation it comes with nothing but a better complexion.

Enriched with the skin rejuvenating ingredient hyaluronic acidthe BB Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by providing a joining tissue for the skin. Additionally, it fights UV damage while also firming, toning and smoothing. Did we mention it is literally your anti-ageing skincare hero?

Step 4: Moisturising Sunscreen SPF15

Wrinkles and fine lines are usually caused from a breakdown in your skin’s natural collagen and elastin. While a team of anti-ageing skincare heros can help minimise damage, SPF can prevent it. A product like the Moisturising Sunscreen SPF15 that defends against both UVA and UVB rays is perfect for daily skin fighting.

You can wear it underneath your BB Cream SPF15, if you prefer extra face coverage, or just all over your body, everyday. Make the Moisturising Sunscreen SPF15 your new go-to for hydrated and youthful skin today.

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