According To Sheerluxe...


According To Sheerluxe...

Our Self Tan Remover gets an A+

The UK online fashion and lifestyle publication have officially named the best fake tan removers. 

If you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to self tanning then you’re well aware that even the best of us need a quick fix for a fake tan fail. It’s always in the usual (dry) areas like your ankles, elbows and knuckles that not only absorb too much product, but also refuse to let it leave the skin. That’s where Self Tan Remover comes in, also known as the insurance policy for any fake tan mishap. This month, our friends at Sheerluxe have rounded up the 7 best fake tan removers on the market that actually do what they say they do and Bali Body came out on top. You can read the full article here. 

“Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this soft foam removes tan seamlessly without any need to scrub. Use it in the shower, massaging the formula into any stubborn stains, and you’ll see your colour comes away within ten minutes. Aloe vera, glycerine and rose extract provide extra skin-softening benefits, so your limbs will feel and look hydrated afterwards.” - Sheerlux

Whether you’re in need of fake tan remover because you can’t seem to successfully tan without an uneven patch here and there, or you just need to remove all the product build up from your skin quickly. Shop Bali Body’s nourishing and effective Self Tan Remover today. 

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