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Summer Glows & Winter Woes

We’re now deep into the month of January, and summer is in full swing - if you come from the land down under that is. Chances are your basking in the aussie summer rays with your smooth, sun-kissed pins out on show. But if your somewhere on the other side of the world dranking hot cocoa’s by the fire, dreaming of anything that resembles a summer day, and wondering where that skin you once called ‘glowing’ has gone - we have your solution.

Through winter woes and summer glows, BB has you covered. Umm did somebody say glowing skin, year-round? Yes sir, we did.

 If you’re into simplicity, 2-in-1’s, and something that’ll get the protection-hydration-job done year-round.

If too many bottles of lotions and potions are stressing you out and you’re the get-up-and-go type that doesn’t like to fuss too much, don’t just sit there - get yourself a 2-in-1. Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen is your one-stop moisturiser plus SPF in one. You have the benefits of protection from the elements but this multi-tasking sun hero goes far beyond your everyday sunscreen. It’s laden with an array of miracle oils and it’ll get the protection-hydration-job done year-round, without the fuss. It also works well as a makeup primer.

If you reside somewhere of the arctic variety.

If you’re skin resembles anything of the flakey, congested and just plain miserable variety - coming into the arctic months - chances are it’s the cold getting your skin down. You, my friend, are going to need some serious H2O. But sometimes when even hydration ain’t enough for winter skin woes, you’ll need a miracle. Bali Body Luxe Moisturising Lotion is the answer to your flakey-winter-skin dreams. This winter warrior is loaded with every hydrator under the sun, from shea to sweet almond, and then finished off with a touch of Aloe and Camellia Tea Oil for some extra T.L.C.

This is a godsend for unwelcome skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as it keeps the skin soft and hydrated without irritating. It may seem intense but don’t be fooled, it lathers like a dream and is quickly absorbed.

Now, just a mention of the word “SPF” in the middle of winter may come as a surprise to you… don’t be alarmed but this should be one of your winter beauty go-to’s. Bali Body’s Moisturising Sunscreen provides medium protection from UVA and UVB rays with an a-to-z of miracle oils workin' it in the background to provide deep hydration and nourishment.

If your skin gets more rays than the solar system.

Sunshine and warmer climates go hand-in-hand with dewy, glowing skin but even summer brings its skin setbacks. Extra sweat, oil, and dehydration.. need I say more?

Your first port-of-call should be a good SPF. If your skin is fair – this is especially relevant to you. Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen has all the goodness of Rosehip + Jojoba Oil but also provides medium protection from the elements. It’s ultra-lightweight and absorbs well, meaning you won’t be left looking like Casper and your skin will stay ultra-hydrated - even after a big dose of vitamin sea and d (i.e. sun). And there’s no “sunscreen” smell just sweet grapefruits.

If you love to tan and your all about glowing skin, the Bali Body Natural Tanning Oil may just be you’re new best friend. This multi-tasking hydrator is the perfect addition to the Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen. It will give your skin a boost of H2O whilst promoting a deep, bronzed glow. What’s more, it’s breathable and lightweight which is perfect for the warmer climates. From tanning to tightening, there’s nothing this miracle oil won’t do.

And there it is, glowing skin year-round…


Love BB xx

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