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Last week we introduced you babes to our favourite fitness gurus Fitazfk, the Functional Kinetics experts. Bali Body spoke to student/flight attendant/model, Yasmin Harnell and got the inside goss to her 28 day Fitazfk journey, and by the looks of her hot bod, it went really REALLY well. #balibodycrush

Yasmin Harnell

Hi Yasmin! Tell us about about yourself?

I’m currently finishing the last year of my interior design degree. I’m working in the industry with a design firm once a week and I also work as a domestic flight attendant casually. If that wasn’t enough I also model from time to time.

Why did you do the 28 day challenge?

I had been wanting to try one of the challenges I’d been seeing around, and a 28 day one seemed a lot more appealing than an 8 or 12 week one. 

What was your biggest obstacle during the 28 days?

I am super busy a lot of the time so finding a routine was difficult with my crazy schedule. Being such a short intensive daily workout I was able to manage it a lot better knowing that in 28 minutes I’d be all done.

How does the challenge compare to your normal lifestyle?

To be honest, I didn’t eat a lot of sugar or carbs on a regular basis so not much changed in terms of food choices, but the portion sizes and number and frequency of meals was definitely different and took the first week to get used to. I used to eat 2 meals a day and now I eat 5 small ones.

Are you happy with your results?

I’m definitely happy with the results! I feel so much more toned and strong. I am kind of missing being on the challenge, it’s a fulfilling lifestyle knowing you are doing everything right by your body. Also I’m happy about developing healthy habits, I think that’s the greatest thing about the challenge, I’m used to the diet, food prep and daily exercise so it doesn’t seem like such a challenge anymore, it’s routine.

Would you do the 28 day challenge again?

I’ll definitely be starting the program again after my holidays!

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about doing the challenge?

Go ahead, it’s easier than you’d think and so so so worth it at the end!

Are you ready for the challenge?  Yes you are!

To find out more about the Fitaz 28 day challenge head to and check out @fitazfk on instagram #fitazfk28daychallenge



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