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Want to get to know Bali Body a little better?

We had coffee with the amazing Catherine Heenan, the brains and beauty behind Cantik Swimwear. Cantik is taking the swimwear world by storm, with trendy and original designs and amazing one-piece suits. Check out Cantik and order some pieces just in time for summer at


You may have come across Bali Body either on Instagram, or being used by some of Australia's most gorgeous beach babes (hello Sheridyn Fisher and Nat Buchanan). 

"Bali Body is a 100% natural oil, made from organic and raw ingredients. Bali Body not only acts as tanning oil with a natural SPF, it is used as a hydrating nighttime mask for your body or a daily moisturizer." 

Photo by Yasmin Suteja 

We caught up with the cofounders of Bali Body, the beautiful Laura and partner Dave over coffee here in Canggu, to find out a little bit more... 

Where did the idea come from and when did you start?

Bali Body was much more than just a business venture to us. I (Laura) have suffered from eczema and sensitive skin irritations throughout my life, and the need for a raw, natural and vegan-friendly tanning and body oil was definitely something personal!

Bali Body has been a dream of ours for nearly two years now, but it only really became a reality once we took our career breaks and moved to Bali in June. Living in tropical Bali has given us the time and inspiration to build Bali Body; and we are headed back home to Melbourne [Australia] to begin operating on October 1st - can’t wait!

We envisioned a luxe, affordable product which, we could introduce into the 2014 spring/summer market.

We wanted Bali Body to be much more than just a natural tanning oil; we have a vision of Bali Body being used by people from all walks of life and ages, as a natural and organic method of skin care.  

What have been the challenges you've had to deal with so far?

Starting a business was never going to be easy, but Bali Body is completely original and our own creation, so that has definitely made dealing with any challenges a lot easier.

There haven’t been any major setbacks yet (touch wood), the response from everyone has been really positive and we can't wait to start operating and sharing Bali Body with the world!

Apart from Bali Body Tanning Oil, what else are your beach bag essentials?

Hmm… killer shades, a towel by The Beach People, lots of water and a good read! Set for the day.

What does a typical day in the life of the BB cofounders entail?

For the last four months we've been lucky enough to be living in paradise (Bali!) So usually we are up early, we feed at least 5 or 6 dogs we look after each morning (Bali street dogs), so we hit up the different spots after buying their fav’ - chicken and rice. Next we hit the gym or go for a run on the beach, then write emails, marketing, and general operations for Bali Body. Pool or beach, to get our Bali Body on. By 5pm its normally knock off time for a few cheeky beers! Then back to emails later that night and maybe sneak in a massage.

What are the best things about taking on this venture together?

I guess seeing each others’ creative sides, for example, out of the two of us Dave’s the blogger and has a natural talent for it, which is something I would have never thought to be the case; its awesome to create something together and watch it grow. Also if we have a disagreement on something business related, e.g.: packaging or wording, we can solve it pretty quick with a heated argument and then get on with the day.

Apart from creating and running BB, what else are you interested/involved in?

We both have full time careers at home, I work in insurance and Dave is a builder. In our spare time, we dine out, see friends and try and keep pretty active, we get away quite a bit, and we both love to travel.

Our main interest is our love for animals, especially dogs, we have both worked with so many of the Bali street dogs here. We spend quite a bit of our time feeding and caring for many of the dogs. 

What is your absolute favourite beach?

Ohhhhh hard question, there are so many amazing beaches around the world and we have both been lucky enough to see so many. 

To be honest and a little bit bias, we would have to say on the Mornington Peninsula (Mount Martha beach). It’s just perfect, white sand, aqua water and clear; and also enclosed from the cliffs so it doesn't get windy which, is a plus! 

When can we get our hands on BB?

Head to on 1st October for pre sale, you'll have Bali Body in your hands and on your skin in no time.

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